Aru Makanova
Haka’s AI Island is an administrative, learning, community and cultural space of integration of Artificial Inteligence through architectural experience. The proposal questions and explores the possiblity of combining the material form of architecture with the immaterial AI as an attempt to envision cyber future.

The proposal seeks to provide a platform for discorse on opportunities and threats that AI presents for urban architecture. How does  architecture, local community and supporting stakeholders respond is the interest of the project. Responding to Hackney Wick’s Olympic Legacy, industrial past, graffiti collection as well as location in the East End of London is the generating aspect of conversation. This then becomes a distorted historical lens of familiarity yet distance of the emerging advancements of AI.

Haka’s AI Island seeks to critically question and disrupt material boundaries of an unbearably modernist block city. Thus the building is located right at the exit of Hackney Wick station, developing the narrative between the canal boats, blocked residency and whole of London within minutes of reach. The hope is to address the economic potential of the neighbourhood as a cultural reservoir