Cansu Ozdemir
This space acts as a purpose for where people of all ages, races and backgrounds can integrate in. It is a space where healthcare is offered to the community in Hackney Wick as immediate service but also to any one else that wants to benefit from the walk in service. This is needed in the area as it lacks specialised facilities for elderly as well as young children and for this reason, the area needed a space of consultation. This space can offer specialised healthcare for the general public through a walk-in clinic with a neighbouring pharmacy. For elderly through temporary day care facilities and a day care service for younger children; 2+ years. This would benefit parents that want to drop their kids off and go to work locally. Aesthetic input will increase popularity in this location and ultimately increase knowledge for people about this location making it an advantage and important impact for Hackney Wick. Just as the new and improved Hackney Wick station increases interest, the new NHS Health centre will increase interest also. The design criteria will mean that there are going to be terraces to make layers and encourage the idea of ;open spaces’ The building has an ‘in and out’ ef- fect where each accommodated floor has a mixture of rooms; one in which fills out and one that has a balcony. This way, the natural lighting can illuminate from different angles during the day allowing there to be more access of brightness. At this stage of ‘undertaking design studies’, having also made use of the top of the building by allowing access by users to walk around the intermediate technology.

The building (22x22m) is of a stacking structure that shifts 1.9 metres horizontally for each for. This assembles a structure with minimal visual impact in terms of the S-view elevation. The building features a courtyard at the centre to bring focus onto the impact of nature when it comes to health. The building consists of a terrace with sustainable themes such as solar panels for energy use, rainwater harvesting techniques and venger wind turbines in small scale.