Eliana Ivanova
In response to the lack of business and leisure facilities and the emphasis of the new proposed developments for the Hackney Wick and Fish Island ‘Hamlets Industrial Business and Leisure’ is a proposal for not only the local community of Hackney Wick, but for business related professions around London and beyond, set off the eagle of the river Lee Navigation. The building includes facilities such as auditorium, public and private spaces, garden and green areas, meeting and concentration rooms, hotel zone as well as library and reading sections. The location being by the canal is an inspiration for relaxation, using the views of the river as the main focus for the poisitioning off the rooms.

The concept of the project is to bring leisure to the area by introducing a building that you can relax in while allowing you to have a workspace. Acting as an escape from the busy office lifestyle, the building will provide hotel rooms, as well as a conference and meeting spaces. Study areas are provided for a peaceful and concentrated environment. Public areas such as the ground floor provided for relaxation and socialisation.