Fabio Cabrita
Co-Housing London is a residential complex project that I introduce for Tower Hamlets borough. The concept aims to diminish gentrification and access more affordable housing units in old industrial town. In London, the city is becoming expensiv and insufficient number of houses, which many people cannot afford for private proprieties. The concept provides better liveable council house and affordable to live for people under below minimum average salary. This also include a sustainable living in the complex, having connected rooftop gardens, ground floor shops and businesses and large communal spaces. Provides many abilities for the residents to interact and manage the community with shared activities and events. And brings a proposition for food growth whether in/out doors. This Housing project is not just place to live but a place to grow, develop and interact with each other at daily basis. This program has inspired me from Austrian social housing and Berlin/Cohousing projects. The two functions for the residents are interaction in cluster apartment floor to feel home in home, and that shares communal activities, cooking, playground for children, rest zone, work and lounge. Secondly, this ties a united and stronger community within the building and that can improve the London social living.