Hamit Yaman
This modern design was made to adapt with modern time’s with the ever more important aspect of safety and social distancing; this is reinforced with procurations taken by the guidelines for social distancing and having physical barriers like glass or walls to fit more people in safely. The wooden design assists with reducing the carbon footprint of the structure while still maintain longevity in its life span. On the ground floor there is a modern interface to get your orders while the kitchen has all its features as a traditional Turkish restaurant would have. The elegant light/extreme social distancing courtyard/column is there for the people that want to be extra safe with their restaurant endeavours while still having the feeling of being in nature. This is accompanied with a beautiful set of spiral stairs leading to the 1st floor were most of the seating is with a natural feel as you are followed with exquisite craftsmanship in the wood while the windows lets the outside coexist with it.