Joshua Ashlokyn
Olympic rings aim is to provide the Fish Island community with a hotel, multi-purpose fitness centre, restaurant, greenhouse and resort. The proposal originated from observing that there are no fitness centres for the general public to use.
The name Olympic Rings come from the Fish Island Proposal for East Fish Island "to regenerate the site based on the Olympic Legacy," in combination with the circular plans of the building resembling the five Olympic rings.

The proposal connects professional athletes with the local community by providing a hotel and fitness centre close to the London Stadium, providing people with a place train alongside professional athletes to promote a healthy lifestyle. Through the hotel and fitness centre located behind the stadium, helps enticing international athletes that would be performing in the London stadium to reside and use the facilities provided.

The design takes influences from the design of the tree's surrounding my site is in the Hackney Wick and Fish Island green corridor. The design aims to connect the built environment with the natural environment through the construction of artificial tree-like buildings.