Karolia Skrzypkowska
The project will consist of a multi storey recording studio, which architectural- ly intertwines with a multipurpose auditorium. Capturing the essence of music through the interior it also escapes to interact with the exterior surroundings of the live performance stage and the bar and restaurant. The bar and restaurant will extract its way through to the exterior, allowing the customers to interact with the live music performances. Given the area of Hackney Wick, the proposed design will hold sustainable elements to preserve the carbon footprint of the area at its low and ensuring low costs of maintenance become present for the design.

Hackney wick is widely populated by the younger spectrum of individuals, the area is widely known by its creative aspects represented through art forms. Judg- ing by statistics large majority populate hackney wick for the purpose of work and education. The proposed design will contribute to society giving back the chance to extend their art routes giving opportunity for music production and helping individuals carry out live performances, as well as bringing a livened atmosphere to the surroundings.

The project has begun with symmetrical shapes implicated throughout each sector of the building, further examining precedent studies one of which was the Scottish par- liament, irregularity has been drawn to the construction form, there are less symmet- rical aspects to the design, which is complemented with the roof peaks and window peaks which elevate away from the building. The auditorium space has remained as a centre piece of the building which gathered the other elements around the core. The rooms have been strategically arranged to allow two complementary facades to be added to the building, one of which was the brick façade which held the ridged forms of the building, with irregular placed bricks. Secondly the cork flat slab façade implicated on the areas of the building which necessarily needed the acoustics to become absorbed to minimalize the interference between the exterior sound with the interior