Simon Davoli
For our final design proposal, we were assigned to make a kiosk/Restaurant located on tanner street park in Bermondsey.Our theme for our kiosk/Restaurant needed to be based on something personal which represents us or theme Which needed to show awareness to. My theme was based off enhancing natural elements to the buildings in Bermondsey. I showed awareness of this because in today's society Modern buildings are lacking in natural construct. For its natural features, I placed a tree for the centre of attention and when it grows it will weave into the structure of the building. This Method will enhance natural aesthetics and lack of isolation towards
the park/public area. On the first floor, it's a dining area which is open plan. This is to enhance London view and to resemble open space in a natural environment. The first floor is also the dining area, which has five pods that customers will be seated at and the food will be delivered through a dumbwaiter from the kitchen to the centre of the table. One of our other objectives is to embed the 2 m distance requirements, So the dumbwaiter will separate any interactions between the customer and staff.