Sonu Thapa
Alone Together is a proposal about creating a multi-level restaurant with the idea of social distancing (2m) for the community; will be located in Tanner Street, Bermondsey. As this project is continues from Term 2; the main concept for the restaurant is the uses of materials and linked with Vernacular Architecture of Nepal. In addition, the food that is being serves is Momo. The restaurant includes zones for kitchen, till, cinema hall (open space), toilet and dinning area. To go first floor from ground floor; outside staircases and the inspiration of fast food restaurant; customers can buy the food from till seaction and can freely move around restaurant space for seating or just take away. As the fear of contamination; the seating area are created like a box panel which is wrap around with curtain; where customers can go inside and sit and enjoy their meal. As for the ground floor; kitchen and decided to turn some space into cinema hall where there will be 2m of distancing while they can enjoy watching and with the use of open space in ground floor; cinema hall can be turn into seating area or cinema place; vice-versa (can open & close curtain).