Soren Samuel Sigl
The building is designed to be a small restaurant in the area of Bermondsey, London. The inspirations for this design are the Hemereoscopium House designed by Ensamble Studio, the Cloud Pavillion designed by Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects and the old industrial background of the area in Bermondsey. The whole building is designed to be “reusable“, which makes the building in some way sustainable. Therefore I also decided to use concrete, because it is one of the longest lasting materials. I also decided to use steel, which underlines the industrial background. Another inspiration for me was sailing. The inspiration came from my personal experience with the dish “Fischbrötchen“. This was probably my main inspiration and it is also the reason for the extremely open design. I decided to create this open design, because I tried to recreate the atmosphere of sailing, the direct interaction with the wind and the weather. There are also multiple water features, which puts a focus on the main element from sailing.