Yasmin Inani
The brief builds on the Hackney Wick Action Plan ‘Vision’ of integrating and encouraging green technologies and sustainable lifestyle. With the Here East Headquarters, Kings Yard Heating and Power plant, and creative media city in close proximity, the structure would symbolise the sustainable future initiative in not only Hackney Wick, but London Internationally.

The proposal sets forth a structure that grows with its users; a research centre for eco-sustainable materiality and construction investigations, innovations, and solutions for projects of architecture, interiors, and the urban landscape/cityscape. The site will be primarily occupied by eco-centric researchers, academics, and students in natural science, engineering, and architectural studies.

The proposal functions as a research and consultation centre for the innovation of eco-sustainable and environment cleansing materials, and their application into real-life projects. Research and innovation will be applied to the existing structure of the site, aiming to test the durability of new products and promote their use. This could be applied through modular segments throughout dedicated spaces within the building. Overall, the project proposes a self-sustained, exemplary structure that reconciles with the built environment and nature.