Yossef Perez
Whilst investigating the area of Hackney Wick through research. The lack of education came to my surprise within the borough. According to certain statistics - around 40% of the student do not obtain the GCSES and more than 30% of the young under 19 do not have any certification.

Although we cannot be the ones who will change Hackney's social context. We can at the very least try to provide the community a safe space for its youth.In order for them to develop their talents and acquire education they would not be able to find in their local area.

Since Hackney Wick is a renowned creative and artistic place. It therefore came to my instincts to introduce a music academy. Music in a sense, is personal to almost anyone globally. Music is one of the only forms of Art that people can relate to individually. This musical school project will empower the young students under 19 to discover new horizons and an opportunity to explore their talents.